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Men's Fall 2019

Men's Trend Direction | Fall-Winter 2019

Today's man is involved in an ongoing conversation about how to build his personal style according to his own rules. In Composite, which is defined as something made up of various parts or elements, there is a visual dialogue of masculine and feminine, gritty and refined, and industrial and luxurious. Inspired by some of today's most influential designers who welcome the best of all worlds to their aesthetic, this seasonal narrative adds a much-needed streetwise edge to styles that are otherwise wardrobe basics. Consider it the perfect mix of downtown and uptown, with a contemporary focus on modularity and adaptability. Picture the man in Composite as an industrial furniture designer who makes the best out of what he finds on the streets, fusing unlikely materials with refined surfaces. The same can be applied to his daily look, with a blend of shiny and matte, classic and forward, and sporty and formal.

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