Can I ship to an address outside the United States?

Yes. We ship internationally to over 100 countries and territories through our shipping partner Borderfree (formerly FiftyOne).

  • International shoppers have the benefit of:
  • Seeing product prices in their local currency.
  • Guaranteed order totals provided by Borderfree at the current exchange rate.
  • Cost-effective international shipping.
  • For a list of countries that we ship to, shopping currencies and more, please visit our international shopping page.
  • Please note that we do not currently offer gift cards to international customers. In addition, gift cards cannot be redeemed for orders shipping internationally. Due to shipping regulations, the following product categories sold on the U.S. site are not available on the international sites:
  • Electronics
  • Beauty & fragrances
  • If there are any additional items that cannot be shipped internationally, Borderfree will notify you during the checkout process


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