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How do I update my email address or password on my account?

To update your email address:

  • Sign in to your account. Delete the email address listed in both the “Email Address” and “Verify Email” fields.
  • Type in your new email address.
  • Click “Save.”

To update your password:

  • Sign in to your account. Delete the password listed in both the “Password” and “Verify Password” fields.
  • Type in your new password.
  • Click “Save.”


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Security Policy

  1. To the extent customer information is maintained, it is located on a secured server behind a firewall; it is not directly connected to the Internet. The firewall meets recognized industry standards. We designed to accept orders only from Web browsers that permit communication through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology; for example, versions 5.01 or higher of Internet Explorer, versions 0.8 or higher of Firefox and versions 1.2 or higher of Safari. SSL is encryption technology that provides security while information is being transmitted over the Internet. While we implement the above security measures on this site, you should be aware that 100% security is not always possible